Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Mackenzie Turner

There are people working in Real Estate that become very good at making you think they really care about the home you are going to purchase and tell you everything you want to hear to spend more money. I pride myself on determining who the manipulators are and who is really out there to try their utmost best to do right by other people. My gut told me right from the start of Robert’s and my conversations over the phone that he was interested in finding out exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn’t give him much to go on. He quickly responded to my searching for places even when I was not 100% sure if I wanted to buy. He could have just dropped me like a bad habit. Robert was pleasant over the phone and determined the price range and roughly what areas I was interested in for possibly finding a house. He was efficient and effective and gathered as many listings as he could to meet my requirements. He accommodated me throughout the entire process of searching for houses. He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the “buyer bewares” and I felt he knew the importance of a buyer’s right and need to know the “good and the other”. I learned a lot about what to look for in a home, not only what is going to benefit me while living there, but what the next buyer might be interested in. Never anything wrong with knowing what will help when you decide to sell. Most importantly he did not pressure me in to anything and didn’t try to convince me through the entire process. It was a pleasure to have Robert as my realtor and I would recommend that anyone who is looking for the right house call him before anyone else. It wasn’t only his patience, understanding, caring, knowledge and efficiency that made Robert the best person to find me a house. It was that he truly listened to what I was looking for and searched high and low and went above and beyond to try and get me the house that got away. It blew my mind how dedicated he was to finding me my house. I admire Robert for being that someone, who is talented in their career, but also possesses qualities that make you feel as though you are one of their own. Parents always want to protect their children from making a mistake and with Robert by your side I feel very confident that he will do right by anyone that gives him a chance. He works very hard and is dedicated to not only his career, but his family as well. I got to know Robert and had the pleasure of meeting Monika, and they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Not only was Robert able to ease my nerves while searching for homes and was there every step of the way, returning messages within hours of me sending them. Robert and Monika made me feel completely comfortable through the entire process of signing the final deal for my beautiful home that I can’t wait to move-in to. I appreciate everything that was done for me and would almost guarantee that Robert would do everything within his power to get you the home you are looking for, regardless if the final decision is based on a feeling. I am confident that when I go to sell my home and Robert is still in the business he will do what it takes to get the job done.

By: Linda

Monika did an outstanding job helping me relocate to Barrie from Richmond Hill. I had preconceived ideas of what I would get within my budget. Monika did an outstanding job educating me on the reality of real estate in Barrie. She knows the lay of the land, and paid special attention to my wants and needs. What was so important was the fact that she knew and understood that this was an entire new lifestyle/area for me and never gave up fulfilling the majority of my needs within my budget. I highly recommend Monika to be your Real Estate Agent if you're looking for a new home. She is a no-nonsense agent and dedicates herself full-time in finding your ultimate home. Monika is an agent that you will want and need. She works diligently for you and never gives up. Bottom line... I highly recommend Monika and thank her for all the time she dedicated to me to fulfill my dream.

By: Chris

Having tried to sell our home over the last three years using various real estate agents, we hired Monika Lowry and Robert Miller of Royal LePage. They both worked diligently and with our best interest in mind. Once our home was listed it took approximately seven weeks to sell and we purchased a new one with their help. My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome of this real estate endeavor and would recommend Monika and Robert highly when selling or buying a home.

By: Dana

Selling a house requires special skills including expertise in the real estate market, attentiveness to client needs and professionalism throughout the process. My experience with Monika & Robert was exactly that. They were quick to respond to my questions, respectful of my needs and extremely attentive to detail. I thank them for their guidance, quality marketing techniques and, ultimately, for helping me sell my house!

By: Jane

My husband and I have very recently moved to Barrie and are in the process of getting settled in a home sold to us by Robert Miller. Since we previously lived in our home in Don Mills for 41 years and were making the move because my husband was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, this was an understandably difficult move for us. We Knew we needed a bungalow instead of a two storey home, and we chose Barrie in order to be near our son and his family, but in all else we were in need of a lot of special help and good advice. By chance we were referred to Robert who rose to the situation and helped us with every stage of the process with truly remarkable sensitivity and understanding. It was clear from the beginning that he understood the need to minimize the stresses involved, particulary for my husband's sake and because we are both seniors. He went far beyond mere good salesmanship in his efforts to provide us with all the information we might need in order to be comfortable in our new home, and he did so with unfailing patience and good humor. I am writing because I would like you to know how very grateful we are to have had him as our agent.

By: Ingrid & John

We want to share our experience selling our house and the moving thereafter. We first must explain the basis and occurrences leading up to the listing of our home. On a given Sunday afternoon we drove to Midhurst to look at homes for sale in the neighbourhood. Noticed an “Open House” sign already on Hwy # 26, directing us to the open house. There we met Robert, who was busy with some other interested visitor. The open house showing and all the organization that was in place, impressed us considerably. Robert was highly professional in his conduct, while he never lost the friendly conversation. This is not a common occurrence in today’s world. After our conversation with Robert we had left, and on the way home we have decided to list our home with Robert and Monika. The listing process was made easy, simple and never intruding into our schedule. At the time of listing we met Monika. She was very personable, very professional and had many good ideas. The team had a group of professionals come to our home for a photo session, for gaining intimate knowledge of the home and asking questions to better understand what our home is all about. The resultant sales brochure was excellent and highly professional. However, the efforts of the team did not end at producing a sales brochure. Open houses on weekends followed that brought a large number of people to the home. While other real estate agents claimed that open houses are not a good venue to sell, our home was sold by Monika and Robert at an open house. This is not a coincidence, or one of sale, but rather the results of a professional approach to sell, to promote and not being afraid of hard work and long hours. Above all, the impeccable professionalism and dedication is what we felt sold the house. Monika and Robert, many thanks for the efforts and related excellent results and the friendly personable conduct and relationship. Not to mention the work done after the sale in regards to legal issues and other details.

By: Maureen

Within the first five minutes of meeting Monika and Robert, I knew they were the realtors for me. They are both professional, personable and a true pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them or most importantly, use them again! Thank you for making the selling of my house a pleasurable experience.

By: Jan & Mike

Mike and I want to thank you both for helping us find the right home for us. We both knew that we wanted to move into another type of home that would better suit this next phase in our lives. Your patience, guidance, feedback and support helped us to achieve that and more! Robert, thank you for continuing to keep in touch with us over the years. Knowing that you would be there when we would be ready to list our home made our decision making so much easier. There was never any doubt that we would list with anyone else but you. Your guidance during our initial meetings, and through our home listing process helped Mike and I keep our focus on our end goal. You gave us encouragement, reassurance and support at all the right times. Thank you Monika for showing our home at its best. The pictures in the marketing brochure told our story why we loved our home for 15 years. Your input and guidance during the negotiation phase of selling and buying our new home was informative and helpful. Mike and I consider ourselves fortunate that we had each of your experience, knowledge and professionalism to draw upon. We are very pleased with the service that you provided to us and we will not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends.

By: Susan

Monika and Robert are truly outstanding in so many ways – they are committed, diligent, supportive, empathic, and highly professional. I felt that Monika and Robert were right by my side during a very stressful time, namely the sale of my elderly parents’ home under some time pressures. Even though I was out of town, Monika and Robert regularly kept me informed about the progress. I felt respected and valued, and enjoyed my contacts with them. I found that Monika and Robert are exceptionally knowledgeable, probably because of their many years of experience. Their attention to detail was remarkable, and I knew that I could completely trust them to do the transactions accurately and ethically. They are also skilled at advertising and they produced a captivating brochure about the house. I will be forever grateful to Monika and Robert for all their help during one of the most difficult times in my life, and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

By: Fran

"Last fall, my daughter and I moved back to Barrie from Montreal as my mother's health was declining due to age. Although our family home (a 4-level side split) had been ideal when my brother and I grew up, it did not work well as an "intergenerational home" with grandma and an energetic 3 year old.. We called on an ad for an "Intergenerational Home" in The Real Estate Book and from the beginning had the feeling that Robert Miller, and his partner Monika Lowry, had a very good grasp of our situation and our unique requirements in a home. While I am sure we tested Robert's patience during our extended home search, he seeemed to understand my mother’s emotions associated with moving from a home she and my Dad had built and lived in for over 40 years. Robert helped us find that unique property, a custom-built multi-level home that really accommodated our needs comfortably. Throughout the process, he continued to keep us focused on the importance of protecting our equity by ensuring we bought the right home. He emphasized that it should not be so specific that it would be difficult for us to resell, should our home needs change over time. And, even after the offer negotiations and Home Inspection was done, Robert continued to help us arrange for painter, a renovator, and other support people who could “tailor” the home to our taste. As a team, he and Monika worked well together, complementing one another's strengths and providing a seamless Real Estate experience for my mother and I. Our experience has been a pleasant surprise, as Robert’s commitment to be there for us did not stop with the sale.”

By: Bev

Selling my home of over 40 years, and where my husband and I had raised our family was an emotionally challenging experience. Built by Elmer Parss in the late 1960's, our all-brick 4-level side split had been upgraded throughout the years and was very comfortable. However, with age-related wellness issues becoming problematic, my daughter and 2 1/2 year old granddaughter decided to move back from Montreal. It became obvious that our family home did not lend itself well to the needs of an extended (3-generation family) home, and the decision was made to explore other options. We met Robert Miller through an ad for an “Intergenerational Home” that he and his partner Monika Lowry had listed for sale. From the beginning, I was adamant that I would not list my home for sale until I found the exactly right home that would accommodate our unique needs. Robert came to our home, listened carefully to our criteria, showed us a number of homes that were available at the time, and gave me a valuation of my home. Even though it took over 4 months for the right property to appear, Robert never seemed to lose patience or stop searching for us. And when we did find that ideal property, I then had to work through the emotional roller coaster of listing my home and having a conditional offer on the home my daughter and I chose to purchase. Knowing that we could be bumped at any time by a firm offer, but not being willing to go firm without having my home sold would have been more nerve wracking without Robert and Monika being there every step of the way. Through their extensive advertising and Open House promotion of our property, they successfully delivered on their commitment to get our home sold which allowed us go firm on our purchase with the condition period of our offer. Monika and Robert even came on a Saturday morning to help move boxes and prep the house for sale. And, to ensure there were no glitches, Robert was even there for the Home Inspection arranged by purchasers to quarterback answering any questions that might arise. Having closed and moved, I look back and am thankful that we made the decision to hire Robert and Monika to handle the sale. And, while I don’t plan to do it again soon, it is great peace of mind to know there is someone who is willing to proactively help manage the emotional journey that a senior like me goes through when the time comes to make a move.