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“Downsizing has become a term often made synonymous chronologically with the onset of retirement, or the beckoning of empty nest syndrome.  However, and despite its provocation to shrinking living quarters, or a minimized lifestyle, this stage doesn’t have to carry negative connotations.  In essence, it can introduce a liberating and opportunistic adventure that maximizes the benefits achieved by a productive and successful lifetime of work.

“The Book on Downsizing” is a simple, step by step guide to developing your personalized plan and creating the idealized future you have worked so hard to achieve. The main driving guideline of the book is to help you find a home that suits your lifestyle change, while maximizing the opportunity to fully realize other interests or lifestyle pursuits, thereby introducing the notion of “rightsizing” over the traditional perception of “downsizing.”

To put this perspective into historical context, we, the Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, characterized a generation that has changed the living paradigms of each passing decade.  However, as our generation ages, we have come to understand the need to change our habits of consumption and divest ourselves of many of our acquisitions. Rooted in this epiphany, are the values of prosperity that we have contributed to, and experienced ourselves, in the growth of socio-economic influences that have radically transformed the way we perceive and value time in our lives.  The Book on Downsizing is our plan to articulate and put into action this new mission statement for Baby Boomers, while providing the practical, emotional, and rationalized support for the brilliant twilight of our generation. 

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“A  companion guide to “The Book on Downsizing”,  “The Workbook on Downsizing” is a practical, written self-help experience designed to map out your personalized life plan in the process of itemizing the details of the future you wish you pursue.  Devised as a step-by-step resource to aid in the identification and documentation of the “next chapter” of your life, the workbook is designed to provide the foundation for lifestyle dreams and aspirations.

It is scientifically proven that capturing ideas on paper provides substance and the impetus for action.  As you complete the Workbook, you will unavoidably address the questions that will help you determine what is truly important to you, empowering you further to become the architect of the future you wish to experience.   Exercises like “The Bucket List” will stimulate dialogue and motivate endless possibilities you may have never considered in the rituals and routines of a busy day to day timeline..

When engaged, The Workbook will also provide a customized blueprint that will prioritize what you find most valuable at this stage of your life, while putting to paper a commitment to yourself that will hold you accountable to your own beliefs, values and perceptions of the ideal lifestyle.

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